Individuals are at the heart of any successful human rights work. In the process of guiding any long-term struggle through restrictive and often unstable environments, these committed individuals often gain invaluable insights into the tactics and strategies required to successfully defend or forward a rights campaign. 

Strength and Solidarity is a new podcast that takes you into the engine room of human rights activism alongside some of the sector’s most committed, innovative and seasoned leaders. Every two weeks, we invite human rights leaders to speak with us about the dilemmas they face, and the tactics they use to achieve their goals. By speaking with defenders at the heart of critical struggles, as well as the lawyers, journalists, researchers, artists and organizers engaged with their movements, we hope to offer an up-close view on the current and future course of human rights.

Program Director Akwe Amosu calls upon years of broadcasting experience to serve as our host, inviting Principal Moderator Chris Stone onto the show for a regular conversation about recent events or topics in rights.

After the main interview, stay on board for The Coda, when a member of the broader human rights community will share a piece of literature, music, or art that inspires them.

Have someone you’d like to suggest for an interview, or a Coda you’d like to share? Please write to us at pod@strengthandsolidarity.org. We’d love to hear from you, and always welcome feedback or new ideas for our show.