Language of Rights Cultures of Respect May 10, 2021

Defending Rights Amid Global Shifts in Power

June 21, 2021
3pm UTC

In this conversational event, human rights activists Alejandra Ancheita, Wolfgang Kaleck and Namatai Kwekweza will discuss the changing context of activism and their efforts to bring power back to the centre of reflection about human rights.

Global structures of power are rapidly changing – with shifting geopolitics, the rise of megacities, the emergence of global elites that cross boundaries of global North and South, and more. As structures of power become more sophisticated, human rights activists often end up in reactive mode, rather than reflecting on these changes and on how to reorganise their strategies.

Together, three experienced activists will reflect on their analysis of changing power dynamics and what this means for strategies for advancing human rights.

What different roles can organizations and individuals in different places play in the context of shifting structures of power? How can we build equitable collaborations across North and South, and between activists with more and less power in local contexts? What might be the implications of a call for human rights work to be more explicitly political? And how can activists and their families be safe and supported as they pursue new strategies to defend human rights?

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