Organizational Health January 05, 2021

Ethics, Morality, and Aid: The ethical responsibilities of human rights NGOs

Elizabeth Griffin
International Center for Not-for-Profit Law

Elizabeth Griffin discusses the governance and responsibilities of human rights organizations in contrast to other NGOs.

This paper details the central questions that every human rights leader and organization must address when assessing the ethics and morality of service delivery. Author Elizabeth Griffin identifies four central areas of assessment, including an organization’s 1) responsibility to respect human rights principles, 2) ability to respect human dignity — of both those people the organization seeks to protect or act with, as well as for the organization’s internal employees, 3) commitment to equality, safeguarding and nondiscrimination, and 4) respect for the principle of universality. 

Griffin offers a set of questions to consider when assessing an organization’s ability to abide by human rights values.

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