The following papers represent a selection of texts, scholarship and ideas that have inspired good conversations or provoked new ideas for various members of the Symposium. The papers speak to our four areas of focus: The Language of Rights, Organizational Health, Cultures of Respect and Solidarity. Each post includes a short summary of why it was selected for our resource library. 

These papers are not written by members of our staff — we’ve constrained our own thoughts to our blog — but signify a curated collection of thoughts and scholarship that we admire. Some of the posts are written by participants of the Symposium. Whenever possible, we’ve provided further links to their work, and encourage you to dig deeper into the ideas, challenges or solutions presented.

Have a piece of writing that’s inspired you or changed the way you think about rights? We’d love to know about it. Please feel free to send your additions to this community resource to, and include a brief synopsis of why you’ve enjoyed the piece.

Review into the death of Gaëtan Mootoo

James Laddie QC
Amnesty International

In 1986, Gaëtan Mootoo joined Amnesty International as a research assistant. Born and raised in Mauritius, Gaëtan had no background in research but he had worked well with migrant...

January 05, 2021

Talking about Human Rights

UK Equality and Human Rights Commission

Great Britain has a long tradition of protecting and promoting human rights at home and abroad. Human rights are fundamental to our way of life, and we must guard against anything...

January 05, 2021