TrailerJanuary 05, 2021

Trailer: Introducing Strength and Solidarity

Hosted by Akwe Amosu
Produced by Peter Coccoma

Introducing a new podcast featuring the people and ideas that are driving — and disrupting — human rights around the world.

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Strength and Solidarity is a podcast that takes you into the engine room of human rights activism. Every two weeks, we invite human rights leaders to speak with us about the dilemmas they face, and the tactics they use to achieve their goals. By speaking with defenders at the heart of critical struggles, as well as the lawyers, journalists, researchers, artists and organizers engaged with their movements, we hope to offer an up-close view on the current and future course of human rights. Join Akwe Amosu as she interviews smart, passionate guests and check out The Coda – a regular opportunity for someone in the human rights field to tell us about the literature, music, and art that inspires them.